Getting Rid Of Mold in Austin

You Need To Find The Cause

Moisture is the critical factor of mold growth, so before you can rid your home of Austin mold damage, it is essential to identify and solve the moisture issue. Identifying the moisture source can be a simple task. It may be quite obvious such as an appliance using water, sinks and tubs, a leaking window or a poorly routed drain. If the mold is in the attic, the cause may be blocked attic vents or a disconnected bathroom vent pipe. But, beware of hidden sources that can be extremely difficult to trace.

Once the cause is fixed, you can then remove the mold.

Austin mold remediation process varies, depending on the severity and the type of mold growth. If the mold has been there awhile, it may already have advanced the decaying process to the point where some of the material needs to be removed to regain the structural integrity of your home. If the mold is just on the surface of the material and hasn’t damaged the material itself, then it may be able to be wiped off with a cleaning solution. A very light mold growth may be able to be removed with a detergent with little spread of the mold spores. Many people have used bleach or strong chemicals to remove mold. The EPA now warns against using bleach because of the damage that it does to the hard surfaces and the potential for dangerous interaction with other chemicals, which can be toxic. Harsh chemicals may kill the mold, but according to the EPA, alive or dead, the mold spores and mycotoxins are still present, remaining allergenic for years after killing them. In addition, many people who are sensitive to the effects of mold are also sensitive to the effects of harsh chemicals. Why would anyone want to use harsh chemicals ever again to remove mold?

Mold’s job is to decay matter. An enzyme’s job is to kill mold.

TM-100 is an organic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-caustic and is safe for animal, plant and marine life. The natural enzymes in the products we use zero in on mold, not your walls and furniture. Our TM100 products actually use a combination of several select enzymes, with each providing a specific task in the mold-eating process. One breaks down the natural defenses of the mold, another breaks down the structure of the mold and yet another eats the weakened fungi. The enzymes only affect the mold, so they are safe to use on any material or surface in your home, without harming the surface or your family. TM-100 is fast and efficient and leaves behind no VOc’s. There’s just no need to introduce harmful chemicals into your environment to eliminate toxic mold.