Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup Services

When water damage strikes your home or business you need a fast 24/7 emergency response. The “we’ll get to you first thing in the morning” won’t do. That water needs to be removed before it can travel to those hard to reach hidden areas and continue to cause more damage. If you have hardwood floors covered with water they must be dried out quickly or they start to buckle. Carpets that stay wet too long will develop mold. If it’s your place of business you will certainly realize the importance to 24-7. Besides the damage you’ll have to recover from, every hour you are shut down is business and revenue lost. You’ll need an professional, experienced water damage restoration service the stands ready to respond to your emergency call 24/7.

What To Expect

You’ll want in place drying monitored daily. You’ll want a company that brings the industries newest and high tech equipment possible to the job. Thermal imaging, Moisture meters, hygrometers all work to discover the hidden areas and make extraction and drying quicker and more efficient. From start to finish you’ll want highly trained and experienced personal working in your home or business from start to finish.

Sewage Over Flow Is Dangerous

If you have a sewage overflow this is a extremely dangerous health hazard. This is referred to as Category 3 black water. It is grossly unsanitary and can carry harmful bacteria and fungi that can cause serious illness. A sewage incident is definitely a job for the professionals and taken care of right away. Right away does not mean tomorrow or in the morning it means right now within the hour. When you have this problem make sure you call a water damage restoration service that stands ready to respond 24/7 with the proper equipment to quickly remove the standing water, dry the area, completely clean up and disinfect and remove any foul odors from the affected area.

Now The Mold

The last step is to ensure that there is no potential for mold growth, or that there is no mold growth already. Getting water damage restoration started immediately after the water damage is done, mold growth is less likely, but if your home has water sitting for any length of time, it is possible that mold has begun to grow. Should this occur the mold will need to be remediated.